Description of device:

    After professional design, its advantages are: fast speed, high security, good stability, easy to change products. The device can be processed in a continuous way 1000 hours per hour brush, processed products of the hair end of the smooth, the effect is good.

    Production of product samples

    Technical parameter
    Brand HONGYUE
    Model KX350
    Processing head 7
    Processing method Continuity
    Maximum yield per hour 1000
    Maximum working length of the brush plate (mm) 350
    The shortest processing length (mm) 45
    The longest processing length (mm) 150
    Energy consumption (KW) 3
    Installed capacity (KW) 7
    Air consumption(nl/min) 30
    Pressure (bar) 6.5
    Weight KG) 800
    Size (l* w*h, mm) 2000*900*1600

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