Description of device:

    Based on industrial PC, a full set of software independent research and development, operating interface with a variety of languages, powerful computer software, automatic program editing. Specializing in the production of flat brush and spherical brush, the device has 3 high-speed drilling and 2 hair, one can do 2 kinds of color, is the current speed is relatively fast, the stability of the 5 axis CNC machine.

    Production of product samples

    Technical parameter
    Brand HONGYUE
    Model B5100
    Axis number 6
    Plant hair mouth 2
    Drilling machine 3
    Processing method Continuity
    Hair nozzle stroke£®mm£© 135
    Max speed (beam / min) 700
    Maximum processing length of brush£®mm£© 600
    Brush wire is the shortest£®mm£© 50
    Brush wire is the longest£®mm£© 400
    Maximum hole diameter£®mm£© 8
    Hole diameter£®mm£© 2.8
    Energy consumption£®KW£© 3
    Installed capacity£®KW£© 16
    Air consumption£®NL/min£© 150
    Pressure£®bar£© 6.5
    Weight£®KG£© 3500
    Size(l*w*h£¨mm) 3400*2400*2150

hair machine/hair broom machine A570 5 axis broom machine B570 5 axis broom machine B5100 5 axis broom machine B5135 5 axis broom machine DM500 CNC five axis multi shearing machine Y300 CNC 3 axis circular trimming machine KX350 hair broom flat flower trimming machine

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