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    Description of device:

    A570 tufting machine is Professionally designed to produce brushes and brooms, which is faster speed and better stability at home now. The device is equipped with three high speed heads drilling and two heads tufting machine: hole diameter from 2.8mm to 5.0mm, tufting machine running distance is 70 mm, doing two color at a one time, the maximum brush filament length is 240 mm. This machine can produce many different kinds of brushes through the program setup and configure different work platforms.

    In the hardware aspects: head motor adopts porcelain veneers, which is more than the general steel and steel¡¯s friction 10 times, to ensure long-time machining accuracy .Flat table uses double screw rod drive, being rigidity ,and special design makes the swing angle of V over 100 degrees .Round table full of precision gear link, being rigidity¡¢ high response rate, and free maintenance for life. Sending the wire by replacing a gear ,then you can switch to the corresponding wire length .The machine is European appliances that well-known brands of multi-axis controller, including servo systems and servo motor ,which is high power small size, higher precision, faster.

    In the software aspects : a full set of independent development of software, humanized interface design, powerful software, which can realize automatic programming, so the brush system can be completed by you just in the office .What¡¯s more ,increasing the function of point offset, especially it has an obvious effect on the disc brush, so it is easy to operate for you .Program editor is simple and rapid, the system has the self detection. In the event of a situation, it will pop up the corresponding alarm information in the screen, let you can timely solve related problems. If there is any emergency ,the machine will stop in a flash, and ensure the reliability and safety of the machine.

    Most innovative hardware and software technology combined with automatic lubricating system greatly reduce the maintenance and downtime to adjust time, so the machine is very worthy of your trust!

    Changing the accessories of head motor model:
    30A-10X0.6      30-12X0.6       35-14X0.7
    40-16X0.8      45-18X0.8
    High abrasion resistance¡¯s porcelain veneers, more than the general steel and steel¡¯s friction 10 timesto ensure long-time machining accuracy.

    It is easy to adjust the structure of Wire length only need to replace a gear then achieving different length of wire ,how convenient and quick. The layout of inside electrical cabinet is concise and clear, adopting full German servo motor, drive and multi-axis controller, equipped with Germany Fort Baineng cabinet air conditioner.

    Production of product samples

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